Welcome to Much Ado About Quizbowl, a new quizbowl blog written by Carlo Angiuli, Mathew Laird, and Nick Matchen, the directors of Aegis Questions, Inc.

Aegis Questions is a question writing company devoted to promoting a higher brand of questions for high school quizbowl, particularly in Illinois. Besides compiling 40 high school packets a year for Aegis, Matt, Nick, and I spend a lot of time around quizbowl. Matt is currently assistant coach at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois. Nick and I currently attend Indiana University and are Treasurer and President of its brand-new Quizbowl Club.

We recently realized that, in our years of deep involvement with quizbowl, we have thought long and hard about how to write questions, build teams, and just about everything else. We frequently discuss our opinions with each other, but realized we have nowhere to leave our ideas for others to see. Yes, much discussion of college quizbowl theory takes place on the Quizbowl Resource Center forum, but we felt we needed our own outlet.

Please note that each post on this blog only represents the opinion of its author, who is always listed at the top of each post. Anything on this blog does not necessarily represent the opinions of all three writers, and certainly does not represent the corporate opinion of Aegis Questions, Inc. We are very interested in what you think of our ideas, and would love to hear from you by email or blog comments. We hope to generate discussion about many topics, and hope we will be successful in doing so.